by alison

Prepping the garden fennel for pickling

Prepping the garden fennel for pickling!

Welcome to mycourse blog! A little bit about myself…

My name is Alison and I currently live in Regina with my partner Adam. I am on my eighth of eleven classes towards my Master of Human Resource Development (MHRD) degree, which is a nice complement to my work as a learning professional. This is my third degree at the University of Regina! I am what would be described as a lifelong learner, having spent the bulk of the last 16 years studying art, graphic/web design, arts education, yoga and now HRD.

Clearly I love learning! Other passions are gardening (the above picture is fennel from my garden that I started from seed!), indie music and good design—I make time for these activities as much as I can between work and school. At the moment I am into my iPhone (obsessed with Instagram right now), Adobe CS5, and anything made by Mac. I confess, though, I don’t entirely ‘get’ iPads. I’ve also developed an (unhealthy?) obsession with reading about the environment and the economy courtesy my Twitter feed. Only through Twitter can one connect to an Egyptian blogger—I learned more about what was going on during the Arab Spring through him than I could through most major news outlets. I also watched live internet feeds of the protests through Al Jazeera. This is a direct benefit of our new, ‘wired’ world and I think it’s pretty incredible and amazing.

Speaking of Twitter, I really love it and I think there is so much potential to develop communities of practice through the medium—I would say it was these sorts of possibilities that led me to enrol in this course. Where else can you ask the hive mind for input and share ideas back and forth?! I also think there is major potential for social media and open education concepts to be applied within organisations and I look forward to learning more about how to go about this. This potential is especially relevant to the my workplace. We are striving to create cultures of learning by becoming learning organisations, where informal learning and knowledge sharing are key to firms’ competitiveness. It also has application to formal training delivery, since the region I work in extends all across the West and into the Territories; in-person learning is not always the most effective or efficient means to that end. Given this reality, distance learning and blended learning solutions have become more and more prevalent… and I want to know how to make them even better!

I’m sure there are a great many other things that I will be able to learn from and share with my course colleagues to take back to my workplace. I look forward to it!

Side note:
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