Ten Ways to Build your Learning Organization through Self-Directed Learning

by alison

A lot of these recommendations set up an environment that complements intrinsic motivation while fostering a learning organisation at the same time.

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Guest Blogger: Juergen Juffa

Learning organization
Self-directed learners are the critical mass of today’s successful learning organizations.  Compared to traditional training, self-directed learning has more focus, higher flexibility, lower cost and a greater rate of translating learning into performance.  Considering rapidly changing business environments, dwindling half-lives of knowledge and reduced training budgets, these attributes become even more relevant.

Here are ten ways to increase self-directed learning in your organization:

1)     Build your team with self-directed learners.  Use one of the established testing methods, such as the self-directed learning readiness scale (SDLRS) to ensure additions to the team have self-directed learning skills. Make sure you probe for self-directed training when interviewing. Keep in mind that degrees are the starting point of career learning, rather than the end.

2)     Make employees aware of self-directed learning.  Stress the necessity of self-directed learning for every high-performance organization. Communicate methods for self-directed learning. Encourage employees…

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