Friday’s Finds

by alison


I’ve been inspired to start sharing some things that catch my attention each week. Here goes!

It’s been a heavy week of organisational Knowledge Management (KM) boot camp for me…

Great Thinking: 

  • How do we avoid hoarding info that we don’t use & make sure the good stuff is easy to quickly access? I like James Tyer’s thinking about Personal Knowledge Management in his blog last week & I was happy to see him discuss the results of his experimentation here. Currently trying this out… 
  • The power of vulnerability (it’s the best way to learn). If you have 20 minutes to spare, it’s worth it.
  •  “Stories are the best delivery mechanism for knowledge” Benjamin Ellis
  • “The value of knowledge is in the network [comprised of individuals], not the artifacts” Stephanie Barnes


  • I found a great KM conference (#kmw12). By reading about the presentations & asking clarifying questions from experts who were chatting in the backchannel, I was able to further refine my thinking about how KM can work in the organisational context. I Storified some of the good stuff here.