Friday’s Finds (Oct 26th)

by alison

Historical archaeology at Champoeg State by gbaku, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  gbaku 


In keeping with my promise to keep seeking, sensing and sharing as much as I’m able, here’s my October 26th edition of Friday’s Finds.

Great Thinking:

  • Harold Jarche proposes that organisations operate in a system of networked unmanagement. Provocative stuff! I liked this: “How to solve problems together is becoming the real business imperative. Sharing and using knowledge in new ways is where business value lies.”
  • What does it mean to become a collaborative, networked organisation? Jane Hart explains. (SO good)
  • “…we have been ‘educated’ to reject [our] human nature and instead of sharing our knowledge not only for our very own benefit, but that of others, we have been taught how we need to protect it, to hoard it from others, because ‘knowledge is power’ and if we release our knowledge, we release our power, when we know it’s rather the opposite: knowledge SHARED is power.Luis Suarez (of IBM)

New concepts:

  • I learned that heutagogy takes andragogy one step further. I still wonder how learners can develop the ability to self-direct and continuously learn. I’ve ruminated on this in an earlier post, and Jeff Merrell took it further with his recent post on digital literacy. Have any thoughts?