November 2nd – Friday’s Finds

by alison

Today’s post is brief…!

Great thinking:

  • This week I made the most obvious of discoveries through a couple of conversations: Knowledge sharing *is* communicating. (Sometimes we overcomplicate things.)
  • More on heutagogy: This article provides a framework from pedagogy to andragogy to heutagogy, the latter of which is a core competency for the 21st Century—a must read! Note: I’ve been reading that we’re no longer in a knowledge economy: we are in a collaboration economy.
  • One of the reasons I’d love to learn how to conduct a network analysis is to uncover connections and relationships that are hard to locate otherwise—it’s so related to Knowledge Management (KM)! I also thought that this observation of the potential impact of networked arrangements on organisations in this article was particularly interesting: “…interconnectivity is beneficial but also brings in vulnerability: if you and I are connected we can share resources; meanwhile your problems can become mine, and vice versa”. Is this a dark side of networks?

Interesting Finds:

  • The etymology of the Personal Learning Network seems to go back as far as 1998. Thanks Clint!