by alison

Donald H Taylor

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are all over the news at the moment, with mainstream media such as the New York Times, Forbes and the TES featuring it widely. The L&D and Higher Ed communities, too, have pitched in with their views. Debate has ranged widely on the pedagogical quality and style of MOOCs, on the technologies, on who actually started them and on some of the mind-blowingly huge numbers of students involved. There are also some in L&D who say that MOOCs have little to do with workplace learning (and they are very wrong).

But one topic has received less notice – how will MOOCs be made to pay?

A twitter conversation last night brought this to my attention. My sub-140-character response to the question last night was ‘Freemium model surely?’

I went to sleep wondering how I would make MOOCs pay if I ran a university and…

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