Friday’s Finds: January 4, 2013 Edition

by alison

bear vs shark by mallix, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  mallix 

    I’m feeling a tad guilty that I didn’t write a reflection on 2012 last week, but c’est la vie. I also haven’t been reading as much as of late due to the fact that I’ve been steeped in various projects. However, here are some interesting things I’ve encountered:

    • This handy guide to different major learning theories—visualised!
    • One method to automatically populate Twitter lists, which was recommended by Michelle Franz .  
    • Cultivating a Personal Learning Network that Leads to Professional Change: A dissertation on Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). There is tons of theory and context (and I’m sure other goodness that I have yet to fully dig into).
    • A really insightful article about agile project management—a process that makes sense given the increasing complexity of work problems and our own cognitive limitations.
    • Need a guide to help your self-directed learning? The Peeragogy Handbook (v1) is out! (download or print version).
    • Edited to add: This amazing resource from Harold Jarche on how social networks can help enable the shift towards the ‘coherent organization’.

    C’est tout!